Belçika’ya damat geldi !

Başbakan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Brüksel Bölge Milletvekili Mahinur Özdemir ile Rahmi Göktaş’ın düğün
törenine katıldı. Başbakan, Hidiv Kasrı’nda yapılan düğüne, eşi Emine Erdoğan, kızları Sümeyye Erdoğan ve Esra Albayrak ile birlikte geldi. Düğün töreninde çifti tebrik eden Başbakan Erdoğan, gelin ve damatla aile fotoğrafı çektirdi.
Yerelce ailesi olarak, değerli Brüksel Bölgesi milletvekili Mahinur Özdemir hanımefendi ile değerli (ex) arkadaşımız, Continue reading

Turkey and the EU need to sustain economic growth with more jobs and greater social cohesion.

EIB provides EUR 150 million innovative recovery support loan to SMEs in Turkey

Version française :

La BEI accorde un prêt innovant de 150 millions d’EUR pour soutenir la relance des PME en Turquie


The European Investment Bank today signed two loans for a total amount of EUR 150 million in support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey. The two EIB loans of EUR 75 million each went to Akbank and Halk Bank. They consist of a combination of EIB funds (80%) and European Union grants (20%) for onlending concessional financing to smaller Turkish companies. The loans reflect the common goal of the EIB and the EU to support Continue reading

The accusation that the AKP is trying to establish an Islamist state is out of touch with reality.

Erdogan is trying – as no other Turkish Prime Minister before him – to make use of the strategic value of being the only Muslim country to maintain close relations with Western states and Israel on the one hand, and Arab states and Iran on the other. This gives Turkey the opportunity to act as a mediator, both between Syria and Continue reading

This is ‘not your grandfather’s Turkey anymore…

“Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Direction:Implications for U.S.-Turkish Relations”

“No country has a foreign policy that is completely divorced from its domestic political affairs, and Turkey’s ongoing, internal changes and their impact on its foreign policy are no exception to that rule.

“The relationship between Turkey’s internal Continue reading

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is not pursuing an Islamist agenda.

“Turkey Belongs in the EU!”



…He does not have an Islamist agenda. He is certainly impulsive, but the concerns that the Turkish opposition is trying to spread about this government in other countries are unfounded.


I appreciate that Turkey is developing its own regional policy approach. That’s also in Europe’s interest. But on the other hand, Turkey must for example see that in the case of Iran, Iran is conducting a nuclear policy that the entire international community finds deeply Continue reading

Vatan ki bu insanların evidir, sevgilim, onlar vatana düşman…

Toprak doyurası gözleri doymuyor

Çok, çok para kazanmak istiyorlar ;

Öldürmemiz, ölmemiz lâzım geliyor

Çok, çok para kazanmaları için.

Elbet de aşikâre yapmıyorlar bunu ;

Renk renk fener asmışlar kuru dallara,

Yalanları salmışlar yollara,

Hepsinin de kuyruğu telli pullu.


Aldanıp, aldanmamak,

Continue reading

Cyprus : Maybe a permanent separation is the least painful solution…

Cyprus: Reunification Proving Elusive


Vincent Morelli

Section Research Manager

Attempts to resolve the Cyprus problem and reunify the island have undergone various levels of negotiation for almost 40 years. Beginning in 2008, Cyprus President Dimitris Christofias, a Greek Cypriot, and the former Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat engaged Continue reading

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