A Branch To Cling On…

We all need it!

It hurts to see someone you love, value, admire, give importance and make a close intimate connection with crumble and diminish under the falsehood. We never know when our lives will turn upside down, although sometimes the down side may be better than the upside. The universe is not a mere coincidence. It has its laws in much precise manner. What we put out in deed and thought has consequences and eventually it will catch up with us.

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Life is just a breath.

Hope alone always has a downside, hope does not have certainty, it has doubt embedded in it.

When we are not in sync with our true self and out of our wavelength so to speak, we cannot deliver. We cannot break our shell and reach out to live and deliver our true potential. We have all the right education, skills and whatever needs to be successful but, we cannot deliver anything. Our souls trapped into a shell, a self-made prison, an unseen shield which prevents us to achieve anything. This stagnation and frustration causes us a lot of pain, misery and emotional turmoil.

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The Beautiful City of North East Turkiye.

©İsa Alemdağ

I try to visit my home town Trabzon as often as possible. In my last visit (end of May, beginning of June) it was cross between spring to summer time. The most beautiful time for countryside, sea side and mountains. Continue reading

Not Just a simple Seminar!

©İsa Alemdağ

For years I have been practicing martial arts and making, attending seminars. These events are sort of an escape from the daily chores of personal and works life. I set my mind for just relax, train and catch up with friends.

 “Yabgu” Nihat Yigit and “Tanyu” Isa Alemdag

Sayokan European seminar took place 2-6 May in Utrecht, Holland. In a way I was expected to join, being SWF Director of International Affairs. I also needed to escape from daily life and do something I enjoy for a few days. Continue reading

The Unsettling Soul !

If we would like to have better lives; we have to do “The change!” in us first.

©İsa Alemdağ

There are times we feel trapped in our body. Something in us wants to break free, reach out and find a comfortable place to rest in. No matter what we do, which advice of teaching we follow we cannot quite it. It is usually felt in our heart area. It wants to rip our chest cage and flow in any direction freely to find that peaceful place. When our world stresses us, all the ways goes to one way and that lands us in our soul, our true essence. The unsettled soul then have this urge to break free so that we can reach the ultimate state of peace and calmness. Continue reading

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