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⚠ What are the latest drug market trends and what are the factors driving them? What drugs are causing the most concern today? What are the most recent developments in drug prevention, treatment and policy?

⚠ 30 Country Drug Reports present summaries of national drug phenomena. Developed jointly with the Reitox national focal points, these graphic-rich reports cover drug use and public health problems, drug policy and responses, and drug supply.

⚠ The Trends and Developments report presents a top-level overview of the drug phenomenon in Europe, covering drug supply, use and public health problems as well as drug policy and responses 

European Drug Report 2018

Rapport européen sur les drogues 2018

Europees drugs rapport 2018

Europäische Drogenbericht 2018

Eğilimler ve Gelişmeler


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Integration of immigrants in the European Union


Pour ou Contre?!

Many Europeans feel ill-informed about immigration and integration related matters; less than four in ten say that they are well-informed.

There is also a significant lack of awareness of the real extent of immigration from non-EU countries into the EU, with many Europeans overestimating how many immigrants are present in their country.

The overall picture is therefore an ambiguous one: seeing immigration as a problem may not mean hostility against migrants, but rather reflect a perception that governments are not managing the issue of immigrant integration in an adequate way.

A majority of Europeans agree that the integration of immigrants is a necessary investment in the long run for their country. There is also a clear majority who see the EU’s role as important and have a positive view of the actions that could be undertaken by the EU to support the integration of immigrants.

On the one hand, a large majority of Europeans think that if limited efforts to integrate are made by immigrants, it represents a major obstacle. They also recognise that if immigrants face significant difficulties in finding jobs and also experience discrimination and redtape, it makes integration more difficult.

The younger generation, and those with higher levels of education, are more likely to welcome immigrants, see their impact as positive, and more willing to consider integrating them into their lives as friends, colleagues and peers.

Intégration des immigrés dans l’Union européenne


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Protect Children Against Sexual Abuse


New strategies used in Europe!

The first report, adopted in December 2015, scrutinised the Parties’ legal framework, judicial procedures and data collection mechanisms to protect children against sexual abuse in the circle of trust.

This secnd report, adopted in January 2018, examines Parties’ [Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Turkey, Ukraine.] strategies (structures, measures and processes in place to prevent and protect children from sexual abuse in the circle of trust). This report more specifically looks into Parties’ strategies with regard to the

[i] involvement of relevant stakeholders


[ii] in awareness-raising,


[iii] education and training. It also assesses the processes in place to


[iv] screen and


[v] deny access to children to persons convicted of sexual offences against them. Finally, stock is taken of the


[vi] measures and programmes to assist sexual offenders. most Parties have yet to take action to offer effective intervention programmes or measures to assist both persons (including children) who fear they might commit sexual offences against children and persons already convicted for sexual offences against children.


In this context Parties are urged to also put in place a tool or a procedure to assess the dangerousness and possible risk of repetition of offences against children. Similarly they should have in place a tool or procedure to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention programmes and measures.


With regard to all the above areas, the Committee identifies promising practices that may be of inspiration for those who are not yet doing so.


Protection des enfants contre les abus sexuels commis dans le cercle de confiance : stratégies envisageables



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Yaşam Denilen Şey…


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Human Rights Day: İnsan Hakları mı dediniz?


Yaş 70 İş Bitmiş!

Respect for human rights, based on the principles of equality of persons before the law and non-discrimination, is an unwavering feature of the Republic of Turkey. Today, Turkey is as advanced as it has not ever been, regarding the exercise of democratic rights and freedoms. Through the reforms and arrangements realized over the past 15 years, our country has consolidated this basic feature even further.

The EU will continue to reaffirm its commitment to protect and promote the universality of human rights whenever they are violated or questioned, inside or outside its borders. The full respect of all human rights is a precondition for any democratic and resilient society, for sustainable development, security and long term peace. As the European Union, from the very beginning we have made the protection of human rights not only the foundation of our common internal and external policies, but of our Union itself. We view all human rights as universal, indivisible and interdependent, with no difference between civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

We have all witnessed worrying examples: freedom of expression being curtailed; discrimination being tolerated and in some cases incited; and the rule of law being applied selectively. Those who value freedom and justice cannot accept this clear erosion of individuals’ rights. The peace and stability of Europe depend on democracy, the rule of law and full respect for human rights.

The United States will be firm in representing our core democratic values and advocating for the right for all people to live in freedom.

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Zaman «Acımasızca» ilerlerken…

Biraz Nostalji!


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Fête Nationale/Nationale Feestdag: Discours Royal/Royal Toespraak…


Façonner une société inclusive,
dans laquelle per
sonne ne se sent
abandonné !

♔ ♕ Un vent d’optimisme souffle sur notre économie et sur le marché de l’emploi. Une nouvelle dynamique européenne semble prendre forme. Alors comment saisir ce moment ? Comment en faire une opportunité pour l’ensemble de la société ? En continuant à façonner une société inclusive, dans laquelle personne ne se sent abandonné.

♔ ♕ Over de economie en de arbeidsmarkt waait vandaag een wind van optimisme. Een nieuwe Europese dynamiek lijkt vorm te krijgen. Hoe kunnen we dit moment aangrijpen? Hoe zorgen we ervoor dat dit kansen biedt voor de hele maatschappij? Door stevig voort te werken aan een inclusieve samenleving. Een samenleving, waarin niemand zich uitgesloten voelt.

♔ ♕ Aller à la rencontre d’une autre culture est aussi une occasion de s’enrichir mutuellement. Il y a un mois et demi, je suis allé fêter la rupture du jeûne dans une famille belge musulmane. J’ai été impressionné par la manière dont chacun des membres de cette famille s’implique dans la société. J’ai beaucoup appris sur le sens qu’ils donnent au jeûne et à ce moment de retrouvailles. En sortant de chez eux, tard le soir, j’ai été accueilli par leurs voisins. Ils m’ont offert une bouteille de vin et m’ont dit à quel point ils étaient heureux de vivre dans ce quartier. J’étais fier de voir coexister chez nous, côte à côte, ces deux manières simples et vraies d’exprimer l’hospitalité.

♔ ♕ Zijn ook ontmoetingen met een andere cultuur een gelegenheid om van elkaar te leren. Anderhalve maand geleden ging ik het einde van het vasten vieren in een Belgisch moslimgezin. Ik was onder de indruk van de manier waarop alle leden van het gezin zich inzetten voor de gemeenschap. Ik heb veel geleerd over de zin die ze geven aan het vasten, en aan het weerzien van familie, vrienden en kennissen. Toen ik, ‘s avonds laat, het huis verliet, stonden hun buren me op te wachten. Zij boden me een fles wijn aan. En ze vertelden me hoe blij ze waren in die buurt te wonen. Het maakte me trots, dat twee zo verschillende, eenvoudige en oprechte uitingen van gastvrijheid, bij ons zij aan zij kunnen bestaan.

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