Fête Nationale/Nationale Feestdag: Discours Royal/Royal Toespraak…


Façonner une société inclusive,
dans laquelle per
sonne ne se sent
abandonné !

♔ ♕ Un vent d’optimisme souffle sur notre économie et sur le marché de l’emploi. Une nouvelle dynamique européenne semble prendre forme. Alors comment saisir ce moment ? Comment en faire une opportunité pour l’ensemble de la société ? En continuant à façonner une société inclusive, dans laquelle personne ne se sent abandonné.

♔ ♕ Over de economie en de arbeidsmarkt waait vandaag een wind van optimisme. Een nieuwe Europese dynamiek lijkt vorm te krijgen. Hoe kunnen we dit moment aangrijpen? Hoe zorgen we ervoor dat dit kansen biedt voor de hele maatschappij? Door stevig voort te werken aan een inclusieve samenleving. Een samenleving, waarin niemand zich uitgesloten voelt.

♔ ♕ Aller à la rencontre d’une autre culture est aussi une occasion de s’enrichir mutuellement. Il y a un mois et demi, je suis allé fêter la rupture du jeûne dans une famille belge musulmane. J’ai été impressionné par la manière dont chacun des membres de cette famille s’implique dans la société. J’ai beaucoup appris sur le sens qu’ils donnent au jeûne et à ce moment de retrouvailles. En sortant de chez eux, tard le soir, j’ai été accueilli par leurs voisins. Ils m’ont offert une bouteille de vin et m’ont dit à quel point ils étaient heureux de vivre dans ce quartier. J’étais fier de voir coexister chez nous, côte à côte, ces deux manières simples et vraies d’exprimer l’hospitalité.

♔ ♕ Zijn ook ontmoetingen met een andere cultuur een gelegenheid om van elkaar te leren. Anderhalve maand geleden ging ik het einde van het vasten vieren in een Belgisch moslimgezin. Ik was onder de indruk van de manier waarop alle leden van het gezin zich inzetten voor de gemeenschap. Ik heb veel geleerd over de zin die ze geven aan het vasten, en aan het weerzien van familie, vrienden en kennissen. Toen ik, ‘s avonds laat, het huis verliet, stonden hun buren me op te wachten. Zij boden me een fles wijn aan. En ze vertelden me hoe blij ze waren in die buurt te wonen. Het maakte me trots, dat twee zo verschillende, eenvoudige en oprechte uitingen van gastvrijheid, bij ons zij aan zij kunnen bestaan.

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Integration, integration, integration…


Time to think about integration policy as a priority for migrants!

⚒ The very large and sudden inflow of asylum seekers at the time when most European countries were still grappling with the impact of the Great Recession has fuelled public concerns as to whether governments can manage such large flows and whether they can effectively integrate those migrants who will stay. Public opinion often calls for more selective
and restrictive admission of future migrants, if not for the closing of borders. Past integration outcomes have indeed often left something to be desired.

⚒ The OECD-EU report, Indicators of Immigrants Integration: Settling In (2015), showed very clearly that all too often life chances of people are determined by their country of origin rather than their abilities and ambitions. The unemployment gap between native-born people and immigrants has widened in many countries since 2007 and is nowalmost 5 percentage points in Europe

⚒ The recent initiative of the European commission, “Employers Together for Integration”, is building on this positive dynamic.

⚒ Integration is not only a domestic question. There is a strong case for international co-operation in this area:

⚒ The economic, political and social costs associated with the lack of integration in one country may have negative spill-overs for others.

⚒ In a context of increasing diversity, the development of inclusive, cohesive and harmonious societies will have a positive impact on international relations.

⚒ Better integration outcomes are essential for the migration-development nexus – unless migrants’ skills are well used in their host countries, they will not be able to contribute to the development of their origin countries.

⚒ At this critical juncture, it is not only time for concrete actions on supporting the integration of migrants and their children into our labour markets and societies. Now is the time to think about integration policy as a priority not just within countries, but also at global level.

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Le petit gars de Turquie…


Quel chemin a traversé en 43 ans!

sıla derdine düşünce anlarsın
yunanlıyla kardeş olduğunu
bir rum şarkısı duyunca gör
gurbet elde istanbul çocuğunu

bir soyun kanı olmasın varsın
damarlarımızda akan kan
içimizde şu deli rüzgâr
bir havadan

aramızda bir mavi büyü
bir sıcak deniz
kıyılarında birbirinden güzel
iki milletiz

önce bir kahkaha çalınır kulağına
sonra rum şiveli türkçeler
o Boğaz’dan söz eder
sen rakıyı hatırlarsın

Yunanlıyla kardeş olduğunu
sıla derdine düşünce anlarsın

Bülent Ecevit
[Şiirin Tamamı]


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Security Challenges Faced by Turkey!

Turkey chapter discusses the security implications of the failed coup plot, the underlying dynamics of the PKK insurgency and IS militancy and the government’s response to these twin security challenges.

Post-coup commentary has focused primarily on the bitter feud between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the reclusive Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen. That’s unsurprising, in the light of the Turkish Government’s allegation that Gulen had a central role in the coup plot.

However, this oversimplifies the coup by sheeting it home to the relationship between two consequential personalities while ignoring the deep polarisation in Turkish society as its root cause. Recent opinion polls reveal the extent to which ideological, sectarian and ethnic divisions bedevil Turkish politics and society.

Turkey’s botched coup and its aftermath have occurred at a time of a rising PKK insurgency and IS militancy. Wholesale changes to the military, intelligence apparatus and security forces have raised concerns over the country’s readiness to counter security threats, whether from Kurdish nationalism or Islamist militancy.

Turkey’s secular–religious and Turkish–Kurdish cleavages created the enabling environment for the botched coup. Putschists sought to exploit fractures in society and visceral feelings towards Erdogan but underestimated the overwhelming popular preference for electoral politics over military intervention.


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Protecting children from sexual abuse


Turkey reacts «unfounded allegations» and ask to revise and correct!

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La Protection des Enfants Réfugiés contre les Abus Sexuels


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Planet 50-50 by 2030


Women in the Changing World of Work !


In the EU, women continue to be under-represented amongst managers. Those women in managerial positions in the EU earn 23.4% less on average than men.

The only Member State where women are a majority (53%) is Latvia. At the opposite end of the scale, women account for less than a quarter of managers in Belgium (23%).

Differences between women and men in managerial positions also concern wages. In every EU Member State, male managers earn more than female managers. The gender pay gap in managerial positions is the narrowest in Belgium (13.6%).

The gender pay gap is linked to a number of legal, social and economic factors which go far beyond the single issue of equal pay for equal work.

Journée internationale de la femme – Seulement 1 manager sur 3 dans l’UE est une femme… … gagnant en moyenne quasiment un quart de moins qu’un homme

Internationaler Frauentag – Nur 1 von 3 Führungskräften in der EU ist eine Frau… …und verdient im Schnitt fast ein Viertel weniger als ein Mann


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No True Democracy If Women cannot Enjoy Full Human Rights!


The Brussels’ conference on sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning, gender equality, women’s empowerment !


She Decides aims to bring about a movement that includes everyone who shares these beliefs and values. The financial support from governments and private foundations and the contributions of the private sector will be instrumental in making these rights a reality for millions of women and girls around the world.

Brussels International Conference is a promising start for the global movement in favor of women’s rights.

A very powerful signal to the rest of the world that the fundamental right of women and girls to decide over their own lives must be respected.

Millions of the most vulnerable women in the world are at risk of losing access to contraception, information and health services. The broad support shown today in Brussels will change lives and lift the fight for women’s rights all over the world. Invest in women means everybody wins. No doubt that The World cannot reach the Sustainable Development Goals without active participation of women.


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