İfrat ve tefritten sakınmaya çağrı! : DİYANET GÖREVE

Ne buyuruyor islam peygamberi? “İfrattan ve tefritten sakının, itidali seçin”. Aşırılıklardan sakının, ortayolu seçin” Doğru yolu gösteren pusulanızın yönü ortayol olsun.


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Brüksel NATO Zirvesi’nde «Olup Bitenler»i Anlamak!

NATO liderleri, önümüzdeki yıl 70’inci yılını idrak edecek olan ittifakı, uluslararası güvenlik ortamındaki hızlı değişimlere uygun hale getirmek üzere, ittifakın askeri gücünün iskeletini oluşturan komuta yapısını güçlendirecek bir dizi karar kabul ettiler. Peki Yeliz Şahin 2 günlük Zirve’yi değerlendiriyor.


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Donald Trump has claimed victory at the Nato summit, saying progress had been made on defence spending only hours after throwing the Brussels meeting intodisarray with fresh attacks on European allies. European members contradict assertion that US president secured notable concessions.
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Déclaration de Bruxelles sur la sécurité et la solidarité transatlantiques


Заявление о трансатлантической безопасности и солидарности по итогам встречи в Брюсселе


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EU Leaders’ Summit Conclusions (First Day)


The Austrian Chancellor Kurz, next President of the EU Council (1st of July), was under the intense pressure of the «Heavyweights of the Union». Finally, he surrendered! – 1 Temmuz’da AB Dönem Başkanlığı’nı yıl sonuna kadar üstlenecek olan Avusturya Şansölyesi Kurz, Birlik «Ağır Topları»nın yoğun baskısı altındaydı. Sonunda «Pes» etti!
The Belgian Prime Minister Michel presented the «Red Devils’» Official Shirts as a gift to the EU leaders, especially the British Prime Minister May. – Belçika Başbakanı Michel, başta İngiltere Başbakanı May olmak üzere liderlere «Kırmızı Şeytanlar»ın Forması’nı hediye verdi.

Conclusions du Conseil européen, 28 juin 2018 + [nl] [de]


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Intolerance and xenophobia on the rise in Europe


Managing migration while respecting human rights stay a major challenge in European States!

Xenophobic populism and hate speech continue to be on the rise, with high levels of migration and challenges of integration, religious extremism, terrorist attacks and the austerity-driven socio-economic climate observed all over Europe.

The populist rhetoric has blended into a hatred of non-nationals or minorities; migration and multiculturalism have continued to be presented as a threat to social cohesion and security.

Anti-Muslim rhetoric has persisted in many states in 2017. The negative stereotyping of Islam has led to an increase in violence and hate speech. The situation of Jewish people in Europe has not substantially improved, and antisemitic hatred was still widespread.

With regard to homo- and transphobia, the 2017 report describes a varied picture, with progress in some countries offering greater protection for LGBT persons and problems in others where they still experience unacceptably high levels of stigma, intolerance, hatred and discrimination

Montée implacable du populisme xénophobe, du ressentiment et du discours de haine en Europe


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Effective Teacher Policies: What do to assign high-quality teachers?


Teacher policies have a critical role to play in delivering a future

Teachers are the most important school resource. In every country, teachers’ salaries and training represent the greatest share of expenditure on education; and this investment in teachers can have significant returns. Research shows that being taught by the best teachers can make a real difference in the learning and life outcomes of otherwise similar students. But not all students are equal when it comes to access to high-quality teaching. In fact, PISA data show that there are inequities in access to experienced and qualified teachers in many countries, and that they are related to the gap in learning outcomes between advantaged and disadvantaged students.

In 2015, a majority of countries and economies that participated in PISA compensated disadvantaged schools with smaller classes and/or lower student-teacher ratios. However, in more than a third of countries and economies, teachers in the most disadvantaged schools were less qualified or less experienced than those in the most advantaged schools.

Gaps in student performance related to socio-economic status were wider in countries where socio-economically disadvantaged schools employed fewer qualified and experienced teachers than advantaged schools.

Greater school autonomy for managing teachers is associated with more equitable sorting of teachers across schools.


Une plus grande latitude en matière de recrutement peut permettre de réduire les pénuries d’enseignants dans les régions défavorisées


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Uyuşturucu Pazarında Yeniden Canlanan Kokain!

⚠ What are the latest drug market trends and what are the factors driving them? What drugs are causing the most concern today? What are the most recent developments in drug prevention, treatment and policy?

⚠ 30 Country Drug Reports present summaries of national drug phenomena. Developed jointly with the Reitox national focal points, these graphic-rich reports cover drug use and public health problems, drug policy and responses, and drug supply.

⚠ The Trends and Developments report presents a top-level overview of the drug phenomenon in Europe, covering drug supply, use and public health problems as well as drug policy and responses 

European Drug Report 2018

Rapport européen sur les drogues 2018

Europees drugs rapport 2018

Europäische Drogenbericht 2018

Eğilimler ve Gelişmeler


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