Seçimlere Doğru Giderken…


Liderlik yapacak Lider Arayışları!

⚔ Toplumsal gelişmenin de, çürümenin de temelinde, yöneticilerin tavırları yatar;

⚔ Doğruluk ve sorumluluk sahibi kimse lider olmaya layıktır;

⚔ Bir liderin büyüklüğü; inançlarının derinliği, heveslerinin yüksekliği, görüşlerinin genişliği ve sevgisinin menzili ile ölçülür;
Doss Nathan Jackson

⚔ Liderlik; yapılmasını arzu ettiği şeyi, sanki kendileri arzu ediyormuşcasına başkalarına yaptırabilmektir;
Dwight Eisenhower – Ike

⚔ Liderler motivasyonu kendileri yaratmazlar, yalnızca kilidini açarlar;
John Gardner

⚔ Bir liderin başlıca fonksiyonu, ümitleri canlı tutmaktır;
John W. Gardner

⚔ Sakin bir denizde, herkes kaptan kesilir;
John Ray

⚔ Bilmeyen ve bilmediğini bilen çocuktur, ona öğretin;
Bilen ve bildiğini bilmeyen uykudadır, onu uyandırın;
Bilmeyen ve bilmediğini bilmeyen aptaldır, ondan sakının;
Bilen ve bildiğini bilen liderdir, onu takip edin;

⚔ Başkalarını yönetmek isteyen insan her şeyden önce kendisinin ustası olmalıdır;
Robert Burton

⚔ İşi doğru yapana yönetici; doğru işi yapana lider denir;
Warren Bennis


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«Erdoğan Sorunu»: Avrupa Ne İstiyor? – 3

‘Ne çok yaklaş, ne de çok fazla uzaklaş!’


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EU Special Brexit Summit: Guidelines…


What’s in the document, and what it really means

EU leaders have unanimously backed guidelines on the coming Brexit negotiations.

European Union leaders vowed Saturday to stand shoulder-to-shoulder behind their negotiating team during the divorce proceedings with Britain and warned that demands from British Prime Minister Theresa May will be dealt with “firmly.”

The 27 EU leaders in Brussels finalized the cornerstones of their negotiating stance within four minutes of starting a short smooth summit, a month after the British leader triggered two years of exit talks on March 29. The negotiations themselves are to open shortly after Britain holds an early election on June 8.

“We now have unanimous support from all the 27 member states and the EU institutions, giving us a strong political mandate for these negotiations” under chief negotiator Michel Barnier, EU Council President Donald Tusk said.

Tusk said there can’t be any discussions on the future relationship between the EU and Britain until there has been major headway on key issues [Full article].

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«Erdoğan Sorunu»: Avrupa Ne İstiyor? – 2

Reis Korkutuyor!

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«Erdoğan Sorunu»: Avrupa ne istiyor?

Türkiye üzerinde tahakküm kurmak mı?

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Reassessing EU-Turkey relations

It’s time to take a new direction and new beginnings?!


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EP starts debating: To Suspend or not all pre-accession funds…


Official suspension means the end of 600 million euros per year!

After a referendum granted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers earlier this month, the European Parliament voices growing concern about the country’s bid to join the EU.

Since a controversial referendum earlier this month granted Turkey’s leader unprecedented powers, Ankara’s bid to join the EU has come under fire. The path Erdogan has chosen to close the door on partnership with the European Union. Turkey is going in the wrong direction. Anyone with their eyes open should be able to see that. Austria has called to scrap Turkey’s candidacy altogether. Others want to suspend the talks indefinitely, saying the country may still remain a candidate, even if its current government defies European values.

The European Union does not want to close the door on the Turkish people. At the same time cannot look the other way when they proceed on a course which is in the opposite direction of the process of European construction. There are millions of people in Turkey that do share the same European values, millions that do want the EU to remain the anchor for reforms in their country. And therefore don’t agree that in this Parliament who wants to scrap Turkey once and for all as an EU candidate country.

Some fear an abrupt end to the decade-long courtship may upset the latest deal with Ankara on refugees. Europe’s leaders are likely to make a decision this summer.

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee is set to start debating the traditional annual resolution on Turkey’s progress on 2 May. The draft resolution for 2016, prepared by rapporteur Kati Piri (S&D, NL), also calls on the EU “to suspend the accession talks with Turkey if the constitutional package is implemented unchanged”.


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