Türkiye Nereye Gidiyor?

«Erken Seçim»e mi, «Toplu İntihar» Uçurumuna mı?!


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Venice Commission: New Opinion on Emergency Decree Laws (OHAL)


Turkish authorities have interpreted these extraordinary powers too extensively

The Venice Commission echoes criticism, finding “particularly worrying” that emergency legislation permits central authorities to appoint unelected mayors, vice-mayors and members of local councils, and exercise – without judicial oversight – discretionary control over the functioning of the concerned municipalities.

Local authorities are one of the main foundations of a democratic society.

the Venice Commission calls on Turkish authorities to take the following steps:

☪⚖ To repeal provisions introduced by the Decree Law N° 674 which are not strictly necessitated by the state of emergency, in particular concerning the rules enabling the filling of vacancies in the positions of mayor, vice-mayor, local council member, by the way of appointments;

☪⚖ To ensure that the application of the rules introduced by the Decree Law N° 674 is limited to the duration of the state of emergency, and that any permanent measures affecting local democracy are taken following the ordinary laws and procedures, after proper parliamentary debate;

☪⚖ To introduce provisions for adequate judicial review of the measures taken by the governorship in municipalities where special powers are instituted in their respect in the context of the fight against terrorism;

☪⚖ To provide adequate rules and framework for the reinstatement of suspended/dismissed local representatives in case the terrorism-related charges do not lead to a criminal conviction.

European Local Democracy Week:
10 years promoting citizens’ participation in Europe

les autorités turques interpréte trop largement les pouvoirs extraordinaires.


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Türkiye’de Türk (Türkiyeli) olmak…

Dışarıda Türk (Türkiyeli) olmak!


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« FETÖ Savunması » gibi değişiklik önergeleri…


Avrupalı Parlamenterlerin «derdi» Türkiye ile ilişkilerin tamamen kopartılması (mı?!)

Avrupa Parlamentosu’nun Dışilişkiler Komisyonu’nda oylanması sırasını bekleyen Kati Piri Karar Taslağı [EP/Turkey: Modernisation of the Customs Union]üzerine 397 adet değişiklik önergesi sunuldu. [Amendments 1 – 199] + [Amendments 200 – 397] Report on the 2016 Commission Report on Turkey

Ekseriyeti Türkiye aleyhtarı Kıbrıslı Rum, Yunan, aşırı sol ve aşırı sağ parlamenterler tarafından sunulan önergelerde; Fethullah Gülen’e âdeta sahip çıkılıyor ve darbenin Erdoğan tarafından düzenlendiği, AB istihbarat Servisleri’nce de teyit edildiği iddiasında bulunuluyor.

Ermeni Soykırımı Kararı dahil taslak metnine bir çok ekleme taleplerinin dışında, Türkiye’nin bugüne kadar yerine getirmediği Avrupa beklentileri de sıralanıyor.

Ardından da; Türkiye ile üyelik müzakerelerinin durdurulması isteniyor. Ayrıca, Parlamento’dan görüş bildirmesini bekleyen Hükümetlerin Karar Organı Bakanlar Konseyi’nden de günün koşullarına uyarlanmış yeni gümrük birliği anlaşmasıyla ilgili müzakereleri başlatmaması isteniyor.

Oylamaların 29 Mayıs tarihinde yapılması bekleniyor.


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EP starts debating: To Suspend or not all pre-accession funds…


Official suspension means the end of 600 million euros per year!

After a referendum granted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers earlier this month, the European Parliament voices growing concern about the country’s bid to join the EU.

Since a controversial referendum earlier this month granted Turkey’s leader unprecedented powers, Ankara’s bid to join the EU has come under fire. The path Erdogan has chosen to close the door on partnership with the European Union. Turkey is going in the wrong direction. Anyone with their eyes open should be able to see that. Austria has called to scrap Turkey’s candidacy altogether. Others want to suspend the talks indefinitely, saying the country may still remain a candidate, even if its current government defies European values.

The European Union does not want to close the door on the Turkish people. At the same time cannot look the other way when they proceed on a course which is in the opposite direction of the process of European construction. There are millions of people in Turkey that do share the same European values, millions that do want the EU to remain the anchor for reforms in their country. And therefore don’t agree that in this Parliament who wants to scrap Turkey once and for all as an EU candidate country.

Some fear an abrupt end to the decade-long courtship may upset the latest deal with Ankara on refugees. Europe’s leaders are likely to make a decision this summer.

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee is set to start debating the traditional annual resolution on Turkey’s progress on 2 May. The draft resolution for 2016, prepared by rapporteur Kati Piri (S&D, NL), also calls on the EU “to suspend the accession talks with Turkey if the constitutional package is implemented unchanged”.


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Avrupa ile ilişkilerde «Yol Kazası» :Türkiye yeniden mercek altında…


AKPM, 13 yıllık aradan sonra Türkiye ’deki demokrasi ve özgürlüklerin denetlenmesini kararlaştırdı!

The CoE Assembly (PACE) has voted to re-open the monitoring procedure against #Turkey, closed in 2004: 113 for, 45 against, 12 abstaining.

Turkish democracy placed on damaging watchlist by EU monitors.

Turkey’s chances of joining the EU were seriously jeopardised on Tuesday as the statutory organ of the Council of Europe degraded the country’s state of democracy, placing it under observation – a major criticism of the regression seen in Turkey’s democratic practices during the last few years.

Placing Turkey under monitoring means Europe considers Turkey to be non-compliant with the Copenhagen criteria, the rules on governance, economic standards and human rights that determine if a country is eligible to join the EU.

Ankara condemned the vote as politically motivated. [Full article]

Deciding to re-open the monitoring procedure on Turkey, a staunch defender of contemporary European ideals and values and a founding member of the Council of Europe, under the guidance of malicious circles at the PACE is a disgrace to this organ, which claims to be the cradle of democracy.

Such a decision leaves no choice to Turkey but to reconsider its relations with PACE. (MFA of Turkey)

[Full PACE Debate on Turkey]


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İlk Bulgu ve Sonuçlar üzerine Rapor: İhlâllerle dolu bir referandum!


Preliminary Findings and Conclusions: A referendum full of infractions!

☁ The referendum took place in a political environment in which fundamental freedoms essential to a genuinely democratic process were curtailed under the state of emergency, and the two sides did not have equal opportunities to make their case to the voters.

☁ A state of emergency should never be used to undermine the rule of law. The legal framework, which is focused on elections, remained inadequate for the holding of a genuinely democratic referendum, Provincial governors used state-of-emergency powers to further restrict the freedom of assembly and expression.

☁ The campaign framework was restrictive and the campaign imbalanced due to the active involvement of several leading national officials, as well as many local public officials, in the ‘Yes’ campaign

☁ The misuse of state resources, as well as the obstruction of ‘No’ campaign events. The campaign rhetoric was tarnished by some senior officials equating ‘No’ supporters with terrorist sympathizers, and in numerous cases ‘No’ supporters faced police interventions and violent scuffles at their events.

☁ The Civil society organizations and professional associations were not permitted to hold campaign events.

The assessment that suggests that the referendum process fell short of international standards is unacceptable.

Halkoylamasının uluslararası standartların gerisinde kaldığı gibi bir yorum kabul edilemez.

L’évaluation qui suggère que le processus de référendum est loin des normes internationales est inacceptable.

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