PKK bugünden itibaren (23 Mart 2013) ateş kes ilân etti ama…

Geri çekilme için gerekli altyapının hazır hale getirilmesi şartıyla !

PKK announces ceasefire

PKK leader Murat Karayilan announced, “We declare a ceasefire as of March 23.”

Le PKK officialise le cessez-le-feu, mais pas de retrait immédiat

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West : This is a further important step and we should support it!

The Peace Process is fragile but nevertheless urges all those concerned to support efforts to bring the initiative to a successful conclusion.

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If You Ask the Kurds…

The Iraq War Was a Good Idea, they love George W. Bush!


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Upsurge in violence in Iraq; Plight of Turkmen

European Parliament condemns Kurdish forces and Arab extremist…

Irak’ta Gerçekleştirilen Saldırılar

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Turkish Empathy fatigue and Kurdish Heteronomy.

The reality indicates a bitter fact for the Kurds.


Monday, 25 February 2013 – A recent poll conducted by Metropoll has presented astonishing results concerning the Turkish population’s opinion about Imrali talks, i.e. dialogue between the Turkish State and the detained leader of PKK, Abdullah Öcalan about a prospective disarmament of PKK and possible peace in Turkey. Continue reading

Persistent terrorist threat in Turkey and the Levant.

Ankara’s Relations with Washington Hitting a Rough Patch?


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EU’s Irish Presidencey . Position on Imrali process…

Any peace process requires both courage and commitment (IRA experience)


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