Turkey: Freedom of expression – Report

Il est temps de débarrasser les libertés fondamentales de leurs entraves

Tijd voor meer vrijheid in Turkije


27 mars 2013 – The right to freedom of expression is under attack in Turkey. Criminal prosecutions targeting dissenting opinions represent one of Turkey’s most entrenched human rights problems. Despite a series of legislative reform packages, unfair laws remain on the statute and continue to be abused. In this report, Amnesty International analyses the problems in law and practice relating to ten of the most problematic offences and makes concrete recommendations on the legislative changes needed to bring these abuses to an end.

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West : This is a further important step and we should support it!

The Peace Process is fragile but nevertheless urges all those concerned to support efforts to bring the initiative to a successful conclusion.

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EP Report: EU-Turkey relations…

Judicial reform, Violence against women, Southern neighbourhood and Syria, Settling the Kurdish issue, Cyprus…

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Newroz Piroz Be!


Newroz 2015 – Abdullah Ocalan’s Message – Peyama dîrokî ya Rêberê Gelê Kurd Abdullah Ocalan, li Newroza Amedê ya bi beşdariya mîlyonan, hat xwendin.

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Turque-Israel : Business as usual. Politics too!

Pourquoi la Turquie fait-elle des affaires avec Israël ? : Quelquun se moque de nous!!



Le premier Ministre turc accuse Israël de mener un “nettoyage ethnique”

Kerry sermonne Erdogan pour ses propos antisionistes

Netanyahu blasts Erdogan’s ‘dark and libelous’ criticism of Zionism

Turquie : de nouveau alliée stratégique d’Israël

Israel supplies Turkey with military equipment for first time since Gaza flotilla

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China and Turkey, the next Eldorado of export !


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Vers un « Nouvel Occident » : Choix Clairs de la Turquie !


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