EU – International Migrants Day 2018: €1.6 billion for Syrian refugees and local communities

These new projects will facilitate access to education and basic health care services for the most vulnerable people, provide livelihood opportunities and strengthen mother and child care services. The EU is committed and determined to assist the people in need and will continue to support our partner countries – Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey – providing vital help to refugees


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The Multiple Faces of Vladimir Putin.

Chess on Syria!


Multiplicity of potential motives behind Putin’s military buildup in Syria: Making him the power broker, sustaining his power at home, defending his interests in the Middle East, shoring up Assad’s regime, geographic extent of global power vacuum left by U.S. disinterest and second front: Europe, divided and disrupted in the post-Cold War European security architecture… Then, if Syrian challenge of Putin carry the day?!

NATO Declaration on Turkey.


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The Arab League. a significant regional actor ?

Arab League’s Syrian Policy

by Mujge Kucukkeles 

Suspension of Syria’s Arab League membership in November 2011 could be characterized as a turning point in the Arab league’s 66-year old history. By con­demning the Syrian and Libyan regimes for disproportionate use of violence against their own people, the Arab League has somewhat found the demands of the Arab people rightful. the League has signaled with these decisions that it would move away from ideas of Arab nationalism and Arab unity in pursuit of further integration with the international system.

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