Annual Review of Human Rights’ World Report 2019 : Turkey Chapter

The Presidential system olacks sufficient checks and balances against abuse of executive power, greatly diminishes the powers of parliament and consolidates presidential control over most judicial appointments. The legislation contains many measures to the extraordinary powers that the authorities enjoyes. In a climate of media censorship and repression of perceived government enemies and critics that persisted throughout the year.

2019 Dünya Raporu

Baskılar Artarak Süregeliyor


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The economic consequences of The Peace Process..!

…With PKK.


At least John Maynard Keynes waited a year after the conclusion of World War One to write his The Economic Consequences of the Peace.

In Turkey just a few days have gone past since the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK declared a ceasefire and people are already predicting economic consequences – and they are a lot more positive than Keynes’s gloomy predictions for the post-Versailles world.

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EP Report: EU-Turkey relations…

Judicial reform, Violence against women, Southern neighbourhood and Syria, Settling the Kurdish issue, Cyprus…

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Newroz Piroz Be!


Newroz 2015 – Abdullah Ocalan’s Message – Peyama dîrokî ya Rêberê Gelê Kurd Abdullah Ocalan, li Newroza Amedê ya bi beşdariya mîlyonan, hat xwendin.

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Imrali Talks and Peace Process…

The end of PKK’s monopoly on Turkey’s domestic & foreign policy?


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The Imrali process : A slow thaw

What the PKK will gain in exchange for laying down arms and retreating from Turkey?


by: Mehmet Özcan

4 March 2013 – Since the establishment of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) in the early 1970s, Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Issue’ is inextricably intertwined with the terrorist activities that have plagued Turkey for over three decades. Continue reading

Uncertainty with peace process : Many questions…

“Imralı Talks” cannot resolve the Kurdish question !



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