A new equation…

Two processes with two deadlines!

By Yavuz Baydar

After an extended period of political stagnation, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) leadership has once more accelerated its pace, so much so that it has reached a dizzying effect. The “peace process” is underway with seemingly more concrete modalities; the proper rule of law has become a growing headache that presses the government to take big steps for reform. Continue reading

Ön şartımız yok, ama…

Gerçekçi yaklaşmak zorundayız!


New Process Important

Dialogue for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey

International support of Kurdish uprising in Syria


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Forget Asia – Time to Pivot to Europe!!

Erdogan in 2013


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EU Parliament :MEPs to debate Turkey’s Kurdish issue!

Parlement Européen : Les députés vont débattre de la question kurde en Turquie


Avrupa Parlamentosu’nda ‘İmralı Süreci’ tartışılacak

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Güvenlik-Özgürlük dengesi sürekli gözetilmelidir !

Terör makro bir sorundu, şimdi mikro düzeyde ayrıntıları ile çözüyoruz…


2012 Culture and Arts Grand Awards

Proclaiming the raison d’etre of the state to provide security and peace for its citizens

People approach peace talks with PKK positively

We will take out one by one every problem terrorism abuses for an excuse

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Islamist Kurds to divide AKP, BDP electorate in the Southeast !



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AKP Ciddi Yaklaşım Göstermiyor!

Erdoğan: Çözümde samimiyiz, her türlü riski alırız…



Ready to take any risk to end the dispute

We are sincere to solve the Kurdish Issue

Gov’t reshuffle linked to Kurdish peace push

Is the PKK exhausted?

The Kurdish initiative, the AKP and losing the Kurds

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