Annual Review of Human Rights’ World Report 2019 : Turkey Chapter

The Presidential system olacks sufficient checks and balances against abuse of executive power, greatly diminishes the powers of parliament and consolidates presidential control over most judicial appointments. The legislation contains many measures to the extraordinary powers that the authorities enjoyes. In a climate of media censorship and repression of perceived government enemies and critics that persisted throughout the year.

2019 Dünya Raporu

Baskılar Artarak Süregeliyor


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Turkey: the Next Pakistan?

The risk of NATO ally may become a safe haven for al Qaeda as Erdogan consolidates power !

Erdogan focuses on consolidating power. inanmak2He may even revoke past concessions to the U.S., including permission to use Turkey’s Incirlik airbase for counter-ISIS operations. He has more dangerous options now that his rule is secure, however. A partnership with al Qaeda could grant him a powerful proxy force to achieve national security objectives without relying on the Turkish Military. The dangerous possibility is that Erdogan will knowingly transform Turkey into the next Pakistan in pursuit of his own interests.


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Devlet demeye bin şahit lâzım!!


Memleketi batırmaya soyunanlar…

©Münir Kebir

Cemaatin amacının memleketi batırmak olduğu nihayet anlaşıldı…
Peki, Cemaatin memleketi batırmak için kullandığı araçlar, bir tek hükümetin yolsuzluklarını deşifre etmek miydi?
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