I’m a child of the Cosmos

Today is Sunday.
For the first time they took me out into the sun today.
And for the first time in my life I was aghast
that the sky is so far away
and so blue
and so vast
I stood there without a motion.

Nazım Hikmet Ran

© photocredit



Bircan ÜNVER

Poem by  Bircan ÜNVER

NGC-6357 Cosmic Winter Wonderland, NASA.Gov

Put your head up
Open your eyes to
The boundlessness of your heart
    in the Cosmos
Just listen to the absolute silence
Then your heart will speak with the Cosmos
And, the Cosmos back to you 

A sudden realization…
I’m a child of the Cosmos
Endless blueness in the sky,
            I am your child
Like cotton mountains in white clouds
And with hallow transparent curtains of Earth
With its blue oceans, mountains, green valleys,
            desert and ice-lands,
            or just a “pale blue planet”
As all is ONE PLANET
Slowly and steadily
Floating and floating forever
…until the end of all times…
…OUR Times…

Although we are a part of the Sun star system
Yet, if there is a dividing border
Contributes to a sort of isolation from the Cosmos
    to polarization and segregation us on Earth
What will alter all artificially created
    millennia-long fear in us?

I’ve moved far away from that fear a long time ago… 
By now, I am speaking with all things
            where I came from-and-belong to:
            I am also a child of the Sun, sunrays,
            With endless of shimmering stars and comets…

Dialog continues with the Cosmos…

In each speck of my cell and
            all people on the Planet Earth
Conveying all of your elements
You are here not only through us
    but in billion forms in all things exist

And, helping us to survive for several thousand years
            towards advancing and maturing of us…
Therefore, “I” is for WE…
And, WE are all “YOU”, the children of Cosmos

Disclosure: The initial draft of the above poem was written in Turkish on September 2, 1998. Recently, by the influence of “The Knowledge of the Forever Time” documentary film by Damon T. Berry, it is translated and expanded into English based on the first three-stanza of the initial one.

@Bircan Ünver, January 1, 2019. This poem is a joint publication for TurkishLibrary.Us and Yerelce.WordPress.Com

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