Trade in Value-added: Turkey 2018

In the line with global trends, the foreign content of Turkey’s exports has steadily declined in recents years, dropping % 2.9 points between 2011 and 2016 from % 19.4 to % 16.5.


Measuring trade in value added


Five years ago the OECD broke with conventional measurement of trade flows when it launched the Trade in Value Added (TiVA) database. Our aim at the time was to develop trade data that better reflected the way businesses increasingly disperse production chains across countries. By looking at imports and exports in value-added terms, the TiVA data allowed a fuller vision of international trade and commercial relations between nations.

Today, 70% of international trade is for production in global value chains (GVCs), where services, raw materials, parts and components are exchanged across countries before being incorporated into final products that are shipped to consumers all over the world.

The new 2018 TiVA database now covers 64 economies, including all OECD, European Union and G20 countries, as well as a significant number of East and Southeast Asian economies, for the years 2005 through to 2015, with preliminary estimates for 2016. Coverage has been expanded to 36 economic activities, providing significant potential to shed light on the changing nature of global value chains. 

[TiVA indicators, database and country notes]






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