International Anti-Corruption Day:No country is immune to the effects of corruption.

Turkey: GRECO is concerned about lack of judicial independence as well as transparency of the legislative process and political financing. Only 2 out of 22 of the European Recommendations on these issues have been implemented satisfactorily by Turkey



The power of people’s pressure
Together, we are #UnitedAgainstCorruption


Corruption impacts the poorest and most vulnerable in society the hardest.

It is ordinary citizens who suffer most when the corrupt steal funds intended for public services like infrastructure, healthcare and education, or take back-handers to award lucrative contracts to their cronies.

One in four people around the world say they have had to pay a bribe to access public services in the past twelve months.

But, when ordinary people fight back against corruption, they can make a real difference. [Full article]

Most countries are making too little progress in ending corruption, as we found in our Corruption Perceptions Index 2017.  Similarly, we’ve found that despite lofty promises the G20 is moving too slowly on implementing its anti-corruption commitments, and OECD members are not actively enforcing laws against bribing abroad. Even some UN agencies, like the International Maritime Organization (IMO), are not doing enough to combat corruption. [Turkey First Report] [Turkey Second Report]

As UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, “The World Economic Forum estimates that the cost of corruption is at least $2.6 trillion — or 5 per cent of global gross domestic product…Corruption begets more corruption and fosters a corrosive culture of impunity.” 

This might sound all doom and gloom, but there is hope. 


[International Transparency]

[Şeffaflık Derneği]

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