News & Analysis from Brussels


1. Main results General Affairs Council, 12/11/2018!WW49BD

2. Background brief – Economic and Financial Affairs Council (Budget) of 16 November 2018!Fm83Tm


3. European Commission reports on progress in Bulgaria and Romania under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism
Brexit: European Commission intensifies preparedness work and outlines contingency action plan in the event of a no deal scenario with the UK
EU grants protection to two traditional wines from the Netherlands: Vijlen and Oolde
European Pillar of Social Rights: Statement

4. Federica Mogherini meets with Vice-President of Turkey Fuat Oktay!vQ77QV

5. Sığınmacı krizi nedeniyle Türkiye’ye 3 milyar euro yardım veren AB denetçileri, paranın nasıl harcandığı konusunda bilgi alamamaktan şikayetçi

6. European Union and India hold annual Counter-Terrorism Political Dialogue!GF84YR

7.  Çin’de Uygurların yeniden eğitimi için oluşturulan kamplar “kabul edilemez”

8. Energy: new ambitious targets on renewables and energy efficiency

9. Romania: MEPs are deeply concerned about judicial independence and rule of law

10. MEPs call for EU rules to better protect minorities’ rights

11. We want clear action from Romanian Government

12. Affordable and clean energy is well underway

13. ÖVP-Becker zum Antiterrorkampf: “Brauchen europäisches FBI”

14. Λεφτέρης Χριστοφόρου: “Η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση, οφείλει να στηρίξει χώρες, όπως η Κύπρος, που υποφέρουν από τις συνέπειες της Κλιματικής Αλλαγής, από την Ανομβρία και Λειψυδρία. Η ΕΕ μπορεί να στηρίξει τη κατασκευή Μονάδων Αφαλάτωσης και να προχωρήσει ταυτόχρονα στη εγκατάσταση φωτοβολταϊκών”.


15. Safe to Learn – Democratic Schools for All

16.  Avrupa İnsan Hakları Mahkemesi’nde Cizre davası: Sokağa çıkma yasakları ve ölümler mahkeme gündeminde

17. Chamber hearing in cases related to curfews in Turkey
Elçi v. Turkey, Ahmet Tunç and Others v. Turkey, and Tunç and Yerbasan v. Turkey

18. Secretary General addresses NATO-Industry Forum

19. European Security Perspectives

20. Preparation and Conduct of Military Actions in Local

21. Wars and Armed Conflicts

22. Projecting stability in practice? NATO’s new training mission in Iraq

23. The Illusion of Control: The Kremlin Prepares for Falling Ratings

24. Macron’s Call for European Boots

25. The RISE Project is a member of the regional network Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

26. The Liberal Conception Of ‘Freedom’ Is Incapable Of Addressing The Problems Of Contemporary Capitalism

27. Searching For Germany’s Volkspartei

28. Saudi Arabia’s influence in Southeast Asia – too embedded to be disrupted?

29. Are We Heading Towards the Next World War?

30. Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War


31. Hepatitis C Treatment Can Be Shortened In 50 Percent Of Patients

32. Neuroscientists identify a surprising low-tech fix to the problem of sleep-deprived teens

33. Why controversial child protection reforms in NSW could lead to another Stolen Generation

34. Move more, sit less – great advice, but how can we make time for exercise?

35. Latvia becomes the 19th EU country to join eHealth cooperation for personalised healthcare


36. A Contract to remedy the web – Elcano Blog

37. Measuring racial profiling: Why it’s hard to tell where police are treating minorities unfairly

38. Rising seas, different outcomes? Venice flooding is getting worse – and the city’s grand plan won’t save it

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