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Have a successful, productive and peacefull new Week!

1. Speech by President Donald Tusk: “November 11, 2018: Poland and Europe. Two Anniversaries, Two Lessons”!Kw69NH

2. Main results General Affairs Council (Art. 50), 12/11/2018!rP89CU

3. EU support to Libya!Wj36Nj

4. Registration opens for upcoming conference on competition policy and digitisation
Mogherini at the International Conference on Libya in Palermo
Commission on Domestic Workers and Health and Safety at the Workplace
Digital Agenda for Western Balkans and encourage progress on digital issues


5. EPP/PPE: Highlights of the week


6. Successful municipal elections as a starting point for further decentralisation in Tunisia
Le succès des élections municipales, point de départ de la poursuite de la décentralisation en Tunisie

7. Secretary General joins world leaders in Paris to commemorate the end of the First World War

Statement by the NATO Spokesperson on the reported elections in eastern Ukraine

NATO does not recognise the reported elections held on 11 November in the self-proclaimed and unrecognised “Luhansk People’s Republic” and “Donetsk People’s Republic.” They run contrary to the letter and spirit of the Minsk Agreements and undermine efforts towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. We continue to call on Russia to withdraw its forces and cease all support to militant groups in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.

We call for the full implementation of the Minsk Agreements by all sides, and support the efforts of the Normandy format and the Trilateral Contact Group.

8. NATO-Industry Forum


9. The world according to Mohammed bin Salman: Prove your loyalty, Saudis – deny reality

10. Saudi Envoy Says Khashoggi Murder ‘A Tragedy,’ But Justice Will Be Done

11. The Khashoggi Crisis: Saudi Arabia Braces For Tougher Post-Election US Attitude – Analysis

12. U.S. sanctions against Iran: The lonely “axis of evil”

13. The China/Russia Space Threat: Is Star Wars Far Away Or On The Horizon? – Analysis

14. Ne laissons pas l’Europe se faire piller

15. The Next Financial Crisis – OpEd

16. Electoral Authoritarianism, Elective Dictatorship

17. The 2018 EU Chairmanship of the Kimberley Process: Stemming the trade in conflict diamonds and supporting sustainable livelihoods!hQ66qF

18. Belgium leading the fight against conflict diamonds

19. Times of Malta to disclose a source of information used in a report on a planned takeover of a building project

20. Ne ayrılabiliyorlar ne de birlikteliklerine imza atabiliyorlar. Türkiye ile Avrupa Birliği arasındaki ilişkiler uzun zamandır donmuş durumda. Şimdi stratejik ortaklık gündemde. Peki, bu ne kadar mümkün?


21. Air Pollution Linked With Increased Emergency Department Visits For Heart And Lung Disease

22. The report Developing Robust Project Pipelines for Low-Carbon Infrastructure

23. Ne pas avoir de héros nuit gravement à la santé

24. Half Of Countries Have Fertility Rates Below Replacement Level

25. Eat Your Vegetables (And Fish): Another Reason Why They May Promote Heart Health

26. Artificial Intelligence May Fall Short When Analyzing Data Across Multiple Health Systems


27. Bigger, Heavier, Hungrier: Harder To Feed All In Future

28. Making Steps Toward Improved Data Storage

29. Big Data Used To Predict The Future

30. Quoi de neuf cette semaine dans le monde des médias et du journalisme?




1. Rede von Präsident Juncker anlässlich des SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfels „Vertrauen schaffen“: „Wohin steuert Europa?“
Statement by the Spokesperson on the deteriorating situation in Yemen!hx99BM

2. Remarques de la Haute Représentante/Vice-Présidente Federica Mogherini lors du point presse avec le Ministre des affaires étrangères algérien, Abdelkader Messahel!FT98NN

3. Remarques de la Haute Représentante/Vice-Présidente Federica Mogherini lors de l’ouverture de la 2ème session du Dialogue de haut niveau UE-Algérie en matière de sécurité régionale et de lutte…!tK34FQ


4. Session Opening – World War I Armistice remembered

5. Angela Merkel to debate future of Europe with MEPs on Tuesday at 15.00

6. European Council should not undermine European Parliament’s call to sanction Hungary and take serious action to protect civic rights

7. CLEAN ENERGY: S&Ds lead EU transition towards increased energy savings and more renewables

8. S&Ds criticise Austrian presidency on political exploitation of UN global migration compact


The EU Delegation to the Council of Europe, with the support of the Council of Europe, invites you to take part in its first Short Film Competition. Until December 5th, you have one month to express yourself on the chosen theme “Proud of Our Heritage, Open to the World”.

10. Belgium signed Protocol No. 16 to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (CETS No. 214).

11. The Russian Federation signed the Council of Europe Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property (CETS No. 221).

12. Portugal ratified the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs (CETS No. 216).

13. Council of Europe offers its experience in building democratic security to Med countries

14. Coping with the debt burden: Congress stresses need to provide local authorities with adequate resources


15. Secretary General stresses importance of transatlantic bond, INF Treaty

16. Turkey Brief: Erdogan Ramps Up Pressure on the U.S


17. Turkey turns up heat on Saudis, shares recording of Khashoggi murder

18. Election Gambit: What’s Behind Russia’s Sanctions on Ukrainian Politicians and Businessmen?

19. Iranians and the nuclear deal

20. Israel pins hopes on American sanctions against Iran

21. Hamas, Palestinian factions back Iran against US sanctions

22. The gatekeeper of Israeli democracy and rule of law

23. Will Iraqis get green light to enter restricted Green Zone?

24. Commemorating the ‘Great War,’ America’s forgotten conflict : Are memories of WWI fading away?  

25. Why women’s peace activism in World War I matters now

26. On the 100th anniversary of WWI’s end, lessons on life in health care’s trenches

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