EU-ASEAN Blue Book

The new EU-ASEAN Blue Book 2018 was launched in Jakarta today. It demonstrates the success and benefits of the close cooperation between the EU and ASEAN countries, and that joining forces will contribute to prosperity, stability and security for all. The High Representative Federica Mogherini, co-chairing the annual Post-Ministerial Conference between the EU and ASEAN in Singapore, presented the book to the Foreign Ministers of Thailand and Singapore.


08/08/2018 – The relationship between the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations is built on strong foundations. Relations have grown over time and encompass today a broad spectrum of social, political, economic, trade, developmental, and security dimensions. Dialogue and cooperation are the basis of the EU-ASEAN partnership. The EU is one of ASEAN’s longstanding dialogue partners and one of ASEAN’s main development partners, both at regional and bilateral levels.

The year 2017 marked 40 years of the EU-ASEAN partnership, and the start of a new high-level dialogue on sustainable development. The first dialogue was co-chaired by the Thai Minister of Foreign Affairs Don Pramudwinai in his role of ASEAN Coordinator for Sustainable Development Cooperation and by the European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica, evidencing its importance [Read more].

EU regional and bilateral development assistance focuses on areas where the EU and ASEAN can work together to counter negative trends. We have set our sights high on regional economic integration for reducing the development gap, on biodiversity conservation, improved border management and migration, and better and more mobile higher education. These are only few examples of our joint efforts to achieve tangible results for all citizens. [Download the Blue Book – EU-ASEAN Cooperation 2018 .pdf]

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