PACE Spring session 2017


The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey!

Le fonctionnement des institutions démocratiques en Turquie sera au centre de la Session plénière de printemps de l’Assemblée parlementaire du Conseil de l’Europe [APCE](Mardi 25 avril)

The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey will take centre-stage at the Spring plenary part-session the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly [ PACE] (Tuesday 25 April)

The Monitoring Committee is worried about the detention of parliamentarians and journalists, repeated violations of the freedom of expression and of the media and the situation in south-east Turkey, leading to a serious deterioration of the functioning of democratic institutions.

The committee has moreover expressed concern about the constitutional amendments (in particular respect for the separation of powers, checks and balances and independence of the judiciary) to secure a presidential system and the conditions of the organisation of the referendum of 16 April 2017.

In the light of these developments, the Monitoring Committee urges Turkey to take urgent measures (including the lifting of the state of emergency and the release of MPs and journalists) and proposes that the Parliamentary Assembly reopen the monitoring procedure so as to intensify its co-operation with the Turkish authorities and all forces in the country.

Le fonctionnement des institutions démocratiques en Turquie


The Assembly should strengthen and intensify its monitoring of the developments in Turkey and its dialogue with all forces in the country in order to ensure that the serious concerns it has expressed about the
respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law are addressed.

The Assembly should therefore decide to reopen the monitoring procedure in respect of Turkey until its concerns are addressed in a
satisfactory manner. In particular, Turkey should, as a matter of priority:

☛lift the state of emergency as soon as possible;

☛ in the meantime, halt the publication of emergency decree laws which bypass parliamentary procedures, unless strictly needed under the state of emergency law, and put an end to the collective dismissal of civil servants through emergency decree laws;

☛ release all the detained parliamentarians pending trial;

☛ release all the imprisoned journalists pending trial;

☛ establish and launch the work of the Inquiry Commission on State of Emergency Measures to ensure an effective national judicial remedy for those dismissed through emergency decree laws;

☛ ensure fair trials with respect for due procedural guarantees;

☛ take urgent measures to restore freedom of expression and of the media, in line with Assembly Resolution 2121 (2016) and Resolution 2141 (2017), and with the recommendations of the Commissioner for Human Rights and the Venice Commission;

☛ organise the April 2017 constitutional referendum in line with Council of Europe standards and the Venice Commission’s Code of good practice on referendums, so as to guarantee the freedom of voters to form an opinion;

☛ implement as soon as possible the recommendations of the Venice Commission concerning the constitutional amendments. [Full docs.] + [version française]

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