EU/EP : Modernisation of the Customs Union – 55 Amendements…

Two Key Conditionality to Start Upgrate Negocations: Political Reforms & Cyprus!




Not to start the negotiations on the upgraded, until Turkey has met the EU standards on human rights and fundamental freedoms and recognize Cyprus Republic!

Reforms: Calls on the Commission to have as prerequisite before and during the negotiations the improvement of the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Turkey. Recalls that external policies, including trade policy, must contribute to protecting and promoting the values upheld by the EU, as defined in Article 2 of the TEU, such as democracy, the rule of law, respect of human rights, fundamental rights and freedoms. The constitutional reforms would seal the end to a democratic system of checks and balances in the country.

Momentum: Deeply regrets that the EU member states in the past missed the opportunity to link Turkey closer to the European Union while the country was making considerable progress and was enacting fundamental and promising reforms towards EU membership.

Cyprus: Modernization will undermine the sovereignty and dignity of a member state, Cyprus which Turkey insistently denies to recognize. Turkey has not fully and effectively implemented the existing Customs Union towards the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey continued not to open Turkish ports to Cypriot vessels and failed to apply to Cyprus the Additional Protocol to the Ankara Agreement.

Accession Negociations: Customs Union been considered a direct or indirect replacement of accession talks;







[Full Document in pdf]


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