UK Referendum: EU Leaders’ Reactions…

We regret but respect it!


Türkiye’ye vade biçen Cameron’a İngiliz halkı vade biçmiştir.


Joint statement by, President of the European Council, President of the European Parliament, Presidency of the Council of the EU, and President of the European Commission, on the outcome of the United Kingdom referendum

Brussels, 24/06/2016 – President Tusk, President Schulz and Prime Minister Rutte met this morning in Brussels upon the invitation of European Commission President Juncker. They discussed the outcome of the United Kingdom referendum and made the following joint statement:

In a free and democratic process, the British people have expressed their wish to leave the European Union. We regret this decision but respect it.

This is an unprecedented situation but we are united in our response. We will stand strong and uphold the EU’s core values of promoting peace and the well-being of its peoples. The Union of 27 Member States will continue. The Union is the framework of our common political future. We are bound together by history, geography and common interests and will develop our cooperation on this basis. Together we will address our common challenges to generate growth, increase prosperity and ensure a safe and secure environment for our citizens. The institutions will play their full role in this endeavour.

We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be. Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty. We have rules to deal with this in an orderly way. Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union sets out the procedure to be followed if a Member State decides to leave the European Union. We stand ready to launch negotiations swiftly with the United Kingdom regarding the terms and conditions of its withdrawal from the European Union. Until this process of negotiations is over, the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, with all the rights and obligations that derive from this. According to the Treaties which the United Kingdom has ratified, EU law continues to apply to the full to and in the United Kingdom until it is no longer a Member.

As agreed, the “New Settlement for the United Kingdom within the European Union”, reached at the European Council on 18-19 February 2016, will now not take effect and ceases to exist. There will be no renegotiation.

As regards the United Kingdom, we hope to have it as a close partner of the European Union in the future. We expect the United Kingdom to formulate its proposals in this respect. Any agreement, which will be concluded with the United Kingdom as a third country, will have to reflect the interests of both sides and be balanced in terms of rights and obligations.

** **

Statement by President Donald Tusk on the outcome of the referendum in the UK

There’s no hiding the fact that we wanted a different outcome of yesterday’s referendum. I am fully aware of how serious, or even dramatic, this moment is politically. And there’s no way of predicting all the political consequences of this event, especially for the UK. It is a historic moment but for sure not a moment for hysterical reactions. I want to reassure everyone that we are prepared also for this negative scenario. As you know the EU is not only a fair-weather project.

Over the past two days I have spoken to all the EU leaders, I mean Prime Ministers and Presidents as well as heads of the EU institutions, about the possibility of a Brexit. Today, on behalf of the twenty seven leaders I can say that we are determined to keep our unity as twenty seven. For all of us, the Union is the framework for our common future. I would also like to reassure you that there will be no legal vacuum. Until the United Kingdom formally leaves the European Union, EU law will continue to apply to and within the UK. And by this I mean rights and obligations.

All the procedures for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU are clear and set out in the Treaties. In order to discuss the details of further proceedings, I have offered the leaders an informal meeting of the twenty seven in the margins of the European Council summit. And I will also propose to the leaders that we start a wider reflection on the future of our Union.

Finally, it’s true that the past years have been the most difficult ones in the history of our Union. But I always remember what my father used to tell me: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland
Statement on the UK referendum

Strasbourg, 24.06.2016 – “The democratic decision in this referendum must be respected. The best way forward now is for the EU, in accordance with its best traditions, to work together with the UK government to obtain the most acceptable outcome for the citizens of the UK and Europe. Everybody should now focus on what unites our family of European nations; democracy, human rights and the rule of law”.

« La décision démocratique prise à la faveur de ce référendum est à respecter. Maintenant, il importe avant tout que l’Union européenne œuvre avec le gouvernement du Royaume Uni dans le droit fil de ses traditions afin de convenir du retrait le plus acceptable pour les habitants du Royaume Uni et de l’Europe. Chacun devrait désormais mettre l’accent sur ce qui unit la famille des nations européennes : la démocratie, les droits de l’homme et la prééminence du droit ».


We respect and regret the decision of the British voters

We take note of the decision made by British voters. The EPP remains wholeheartedly committed to the European project and to the process of further integration with the remaining 27 Member States. At the same time, we will defend the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and firmly oppose any attempts to interfere with the freedom of movement.

We respect and regret the decision of the British voters. It causes major damage to both sides. But this was a British vote, not a European vote. People in the other states don’t want to leave Europe. There are clear majorities in favour of the European project. Cooperation within Europe is a question of the ability for Europeans to determine their own way of life. It is our goal to effectively combat growing nationalism and populism.

Respecting the democratic decision of the British voters also means that the exit negotiations should be swiftly concluded, within the two-year deadline, as defined in the Lisbon Treaty. From our point of view, there cannot be any special treatment for the United Kingdom. The British people have expressed their wish to leave the EU. Leave means leave. The times of cherry-picking are over.

Over the past 70 years, the European Union has safeguarded European freedom, peace and prosperity, and it will continue to do so. We must renew people’s enthusiasm towards the European project by delivering more tangible benefits to all our citizens. Together we will build a truly integrated single market which creates job opportunities. We will also better protect EU citizens by cooperating in the field of security. As President Juncker said during his campaign, the EU must be big on big things and small on small things in the future.

Europe needs a time of reflection. We want a better and smarter Europe. We have to convince the people and find answers to the big challenges of our times such as security and migration. A strong Europe is a life insurance for all its Member States.

Brexit negotiations should begin now; reject push for other referendums – The EPP Group pushes for talks beginning at next week´s European Council meeting to avoid uncertainty following the UK vote to leave the European Union. Group Chair Manfred Weber rejects plans by UK Prime Minister David Cameron to delay the process until he resigns in October. EPP Group MEP Esther de Lange argues against other referendums by populist groups in other countries including her native Netherlands, saying the EU must reform together. And Hungarian MEP György Schöpflin warns of potential Russian meddling in Eastern Europe if Brexit weakens both the UK and the EU.

EPP President Manfred Weber


A sad day for Europe but not the end of Europe

This is a sad day for Europe but it is not the funeral of Europe. We wanted Great Britain to stay in Europe but we respect the voice of the British people. Cameron will go down in history as the Prime Minister who pushed UK out of the EU as a result of divisions within his own party. This is an historic mistake, the responsibility of which he will bear on his shoulders. We salute the efforts of all Labour MEPs and volunteers who pushed so hard for a positive result. Despite the outcome, the British people will always be European to us.

Now the UK is out. The EU must define our new relationship with UK as soon as possible. We will immediately ask the British government to formally state their will to leave so that Article 50 of the treaty can be triggered.

Deep changes are necessary. We can’t afford to settle for this Europe anymore. The S&D Group will push for a new political agenda starting with the social agenda. We must finally end social dumping in Europe. We must put an end to austerity by finally changing the stability and growth pact. The Commission must eradicate fiscal dumping, tax havens and tax avoidance. We need to finalise the Commission plan for migration, with an EU border and coast guard, a functioning relocation system for refugees and the migration compact.

However, we need to ensure that Europe has the tools it needs to face global challenges. To do this Europe needs a new institutional framework. We will mobilise all Socialist parties and citizens to come up with a coherent and ambitious institutional reform platform. We need to see the reform of the system for financing the Union, the establishment of a real EU finance minister with an appropriate budget and fiscal capacity, the creation of a European FBI with real investigative powers and finally an innovative and direct electoral system to choose the president of the Commission.

Based on our platform, the S&D Group will work to create a wide consensus in the European Parliament in order to challenge the Commission and the veto powers of governments in the Council.

We are fully convinced that status quo is simply not acceptable. It would represent a death sentence for Europe. We must open a new chapter in the history of European integration.

S&D Group President Gianni Pittella


We must respect their decision

The British people have spoken and now we must respect their decision.

Today the people of the United Kingdom must put behind us this robust and – at times – bruising campaign and look ahead to the future.

Today, we will begin meetings to start work on finding a way forward that is agreeable to both sides.

The EU would be mistaken if it wishes to send a signal to the rest of the EU by punishing Britain. I hope that we can see a cool and sensible reaction, that keeps in mind the need for Britain and the rest of Europe to continue cooperating in those areas where it is in our mutual interest. We now need to move on from being reluctant tenants to becoming friendly neighbours.

The ECR Group will continue with its mission to promote urgent reform and decentralisation of the EU. We have grown to include MEPs from 18 countries because our message has resonated across the continent, and it will only grow stronger still if the EU now sees this as an opportunity for even more centralisation.

European Conservatives and Reformists group leader Syed Kamall


Brexit should be a wake-up call for another, reformed European Union

More and more Europeans feel Europe isn’t capable of handling the multiple crises we are facing today. The EU went too far in trying to deal with the small things, while not coming up with sufficient solutions for the big issues that people care about most: the refugee crisis, the economic crisis and the security crisis

The result of this referendum is a wake-up call. We will only be able to turn the tide by working more efficiently together.

Europe has to reform to survive. A monetary union without a political union will simply not work. Europe will not be able to protect its citizens against terrorist attacks if our intelligence services do not work together. And an internal market without borders will not work as long as we do not manage to protect our external borders.

De plus en plus d’européens ont le sentiment que l’Europe n’est pas capable de répondre aux crises multiples auxquelles nous sommes confrontés aujourd’hui. L’UE s’est trop attardée à vouloir régler de petites choses, sans proposer de solutions satisfaisantes aux grands problèmes dont les citoyens se soucient davantage : la crise des réfugiés, la crise économique et la crise de la sécurité.

Le résultat de ce référendum est une sonnette d’alarme. Nous ne pourrons inverser la tendance qu’en travaillant plus efficacement ensemble.

L’Europe doit engager des réformes afin de survivre. Une union monétaire sans union politique ne fonctionnera tout simplement pas. L’Europe ne sera pas en mesure de protéger ses citoyens contre les attentats terroristes si nos services de renseignement ne travaillent pas ensemble. De même, un marché intérieur sans frontière ne fonctionnera pas tant que nous ne protégerons pas nos frontières extérieures.

ALDE Group leader Guy Verhofstadt


The UK must assume responsibility for this decision immediately

We totally respect the British electorate’s democratic rights and wishes. It is now up to Brussels and London to find the best way forward that is fair to both sides during the exit negotiations.

Regretfully, the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union. In a campaign based on fear mongering, misinformation and half-truths on both sides, British voters were given a binary choice between an increasingly undemocratic, unaccountable neoliberal agenda of the European Union, or a nostalgic, xenophobic and anti-immigration vision for the UK.

The UK must assume responsibility for this decision immediately. We do not accept David Cameron’s proposal to wait until October for a new Prime Minister to decide when to begin the formal withdrawal negotiations. Today is the day that the people of the UK decided to leave. We will not accept that Cameron plays a dirty game now in order to win time to find ways not to implement the result of the referendum.

Looking towards our Irish friends and colleagues we hope that the Irish peace process will continue and that UK leaving the EU will not make the process stop or deteriorate.

We support our Irish colleagues’ call for a vote on Irish reunificiation following the UK’s departure from the EU.

The European Union must reflect on Brexit and take a hard look at itself as to why a majority of British voters chose to leave after 43 years and why there is also distrust growing among EU citizens towards the EU.

The EU is in dire need of progressive reform, and its neoliberal and austerity-driven agenda has not only harmed the soon-to-be 27 member states, but is haemorrhaging support from those struggling for a social EU based on solidarity.

The problem will only be exacerbated if progressive reform is further delayed. Brexit and the rise of Euroscepticism is a damning indictment that a neoliberal elite has detached itself and the EU institutions from a majority of the population.

Brexit should serve as a wake-up call to those who care about the European project,

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer


European partners must work together to deliver decisive response to UK vote

There can be no doubt that this vote will have a dramatic impact across Europe and the globe. The UK vote is an extreme disappointment but it cannot be the beginning of a domino effect within the EU. The response of European governments must now be to work together to deliver a decisive response, which can shore up confidence in the EU. While there were clearly various motivations behind those who voted to leave the EU, there can be no doubt that some of the disillusionment with the European project is shared by many citizens beyond the UK. From the outset, the European project aimed at ensuring lasting peace through the extension of freedom, democracy and shared prosperity. Reconnecting with that ambition is what is needed to address the many legitimate reasons behind this public dissatisfaction and ensure the EU can win back the support of citizens. We remain committed to this project and believe we need to highlight the major positive benefits the EU has delivered and the potential it has to allow us to respond to today’s global challenges. In a globalised world, there is no sovereignty if not shared

De toute évidence, ce vote aura un impact dans l’UE mais également dans le monde. Le choix des électeurs britanniques est décevant et nous devons à présent répondre à des questions restées trop longtemps sans réponse si nous voulons éviter un effet domino. Les gouvernements européens doivent sérieusement travailler ensemble à la mise place d’une Union “sans cesse plus étroite” s’ils veulent regagner la confiance de leurs concitoyens. Si les motivations des Britanniques qui ont voté pour une sortie de l’UE apparaissaient souvent floues, il est évident qu’ils ne sont plus les seuls à être déçus par l’Union européenne. L’essence du projet d’Union européenne est de garantir la paix par l’extension des libertés et de la démocratie ainsi que le partage de la prospérité.

Nous devons répondre de cette promesse originelle et l’imprimer dans la réalité. C’est en tout cas la réponse qu’attendent celles et ceux qui, de manière légitime, se sentent abandonnés voire trahis par l’Europe. C’est en tout cas la voie à suivre si nous voulons renouer avec les citoyens et faire en sorte qu’ils se reconnaissent dans un projet commun.

Le projet politique d’Union européenne est le projet que nous voulons continuer à défendre en montrant ce qu’il nous a apporté et plus encore à quel point le déploiement de ses potentialités nous destinerait à un avenir meilleur en étant enfin capables de relever les défis de ce siècle. Dans un monde désormais globalisé, la souveraineté ne peut être effective que si elle est partagée.

Es kann keinen Zweifel geben, dass dieses Ergebnis einen dramatischen Einfluss auf die Europäische Union und die ganze Welt haben wird. Das Ergebnis ist enttäuschend, aber es darf nicht der Beginn eines Domino-Effekts in der Europäischen Union sein. Die Antwort der EU-Regierungen muss nun sein, zusammenzuarbeiten, um eine schlagkräftige Antwort zu finden und das Vertrauen in die Europäische Union wiederaufzubauen. Die Gründe, warum die Wähler für den Austritt gestimmt haben, waren sicherlich unterschiedlich. Gleichwohl teilen viele Bürger in der Europäischen Union die Desillusionierung. Von Beginn an war das europäische Projekt auf Frieden durch Freiheit, Demokratie und Wohlstand ausgerichtet. Wir müssen uns wieder auf diese Ambition zurückbesinnen, die Ursachen für die Gründe der Unzufriedenheit angehen und die Unterstützung der Bürger zurückgewinnen. Wir bleiben dem europäischen Projekt verpflichtet. Wir müssen die Errungenschaften der Europäischen Union und ihr Potenzial, die globalen Herausforderungen anzugehen, stärker in den Vordergrund stellen. In der globalisierten Welt gibt es nur geteilte Souveränität.

Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts

We seriously regret the outcome of the referendum. The Greens have always strongly believed that the EU provides by far the best platform for delivering peace and stability and confronting the global challenges we face. In the course of the divisive campaign, there was a concerted effort to delegitimise the EU. However, this vote is also the consequence of the widespread uncertainty and mistrust of the EU, which exists not only in the UK but also in other parts of the EU. This vote is a wake-up call for the EU. All pro-European forces need to be self-critical and seek answers to why there is such a growing gap to citizens in Europe. We cannot continue with business-as-usual. This means improving how the EU works and, in particular, strengthening democracy and transparency. Without prejudging the outcome of any change, there is also a need to strengthen the involvement of democratic institutions, both the European and national parliaments, in the EU process

Nous regrettons profondément les résultats de ce référendum. Les Verts ont toujours été convaincus que l’Union européenne était la meilleure forme d’organisation politique pour garantir la paix et la stabilité mais également pour relever les défis liés à la mondialisation.

Pendant la campagne qui a précédé ce référendum, certains ont avant tout cherché à miner la légitimité de l’Union européenne. Pourtant, ce vote est aussi la conséquence d’un malaise prolongé et d’une défiance installée envers l’UE qui ne concernent pas uniquement les Britanniques mais beaucoup d’autres pays européens.

Ce vote est un appel au réveil pour l’Union européenne. Toutes les forces pro-européennes doivent à présent se soumettre à une auto-critique et trouver des solutions afin de remédier au fossé croissant entre l’UE et ses citoyens.

De toute évidence, nous ne pouvons pas faire comme si de rien n’était et simplement continuer comme avant. Cela implique de changer la façon dont l’UE fonctionne. En particulier, de renforcer tant la transparence que la démocratie au sein de l’UE et d’accroître le rôle des institutions démocratiquement élues que sont les parlements nationaux et européen.

Wir bedauern die heutige Entscheidung der Mehrheit der britischen Wähler, die Europäische Union zu verlassen. Das ist ein trauriger Tag für die EU. Nicht nur die überzeugten Europäer haben heute verloren, die ganze Europäische Union hat verloren. Wir Grüne sind überzeugt, dass die Europäische Union das Beste ist, um gemeinsam Frieden und Stabilität zu sichern und Antworten auf Klimawandel und Migration zu finden. In einer heftigen und aufgeladenen Debatte hat die Leave-Kampagne versucht, die EU zu delegitimieren. Das britische Referendum hat die Skepsis und Unsicherheit gegenüber der EU offengelegt, nicht nur in Großbritannien, sondern auch in anderen Teilen der EU. Das heutige Ergebnis muss ein Weckruf sein. Wir können jetzt nicht zur Tagesordnung übergehen. Alle überzeugten Europäer müssen sich fragen, wie wir wieder mehr Bürger von der Europäischen Union überzeugen, das Vertrauen in die EU zurückgewinnen und die Zustimmung für die notwendigen Reformen stärken können. Wir müssen die Entfremdung der Bürger ernst nehmen und mehr Demokratie und Transparenz in der EU schaffen. Dafür müssen wir das Europäische Parlament stärken und die Beteiligung der nationalen Parlamente an Entscheidungen in der EU verbessern.

Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms


The British people have decided to leave the European Union. As it defines the next chapter in its relationship with the EU, I know that the United Kingdom’s position in NATO will remain unchanged. The UK will remain a strong and committed NATO Ally, and will continue to play its leading role in our Alliance.

Le peuple britannique a décidé de quitter l’Union européenne. Je suis certain que, tandis que le Royaume-Uni définit le nouveau chapitre de ses relations avec l’UE, sa position à l’OTAN restera inchangée. Le Royaume-Uni restera un Allié fort et déterminé, et il continuera de jouer un rôle de premier plan dans notre Alliance.

Today, as we face more instability and uncertainty, NATO is more important than ever as a platform for cooperation among European Allies, and between Europe and North America. A strong, united and determined NATO remains an essential pillar of stability in a turbulent world, and a key contributor to international peace and security.

Aujourd’hui, alors que nous sommes confrontés à plus d’instabilité et d’incertitude, l’OTAN est plus importante que jamais comme plateforme de coopération entre les Alliés européens, et entre l’Europe et l’Amérique du Nord. Une OTAN forte, unie et résolue reste un pilier essentiel de la stabilité dans un monde plein de turbulences, et un acteur clé de la paix et de la sécurité internationales.

The Alliance remains committed to closer cooperation with the European Union. At the Warsaw Summit in July, we will step up our cooperation, because together we are more effective in upholding our common values and keeping our nations safe.

L’Alliance reste attachée à une coopération plus étroite avec l’Union européenne. Au sommet de Varsovie, en juillet prochain, nous intensifierons notre coopération car, ensemble, nous sommes plus efficaces pour défendre nos valeurs communes et préserver la sécurité de nos pays.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

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