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European Union
April 4 – April 11 , 2016

* [Weekly activities]

* [Statement between the European Union and the Council of Europe on co-operation in South-East Europe (Western Balkans and Turkey)]

* [EU boosts aid to Ethiopia amid worsening drought] (fr+de+pt)

* [UN High-Level Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism – Statement]

* [Commission presents measures to modernise VAT in the EU] (several languages)

* [Cyprus rejoins the regular cycle of economic policy coordination]

* [Action Plan on VAT: Questions and Answers] (en fr de)

* [Pierre Moscovici on the adoption of the VAT Action Plan]

* [Joint Communiqué between the African Union Commission and the European Commission] + fr

* [African Union Commission and European Commission meet to address shared EU-Africa challenges] (de en fr pt)

* [The Africa-EU Partnership] (de en fr pt)

* [World Health Day: Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis highlights the Potential for the Prevention of Diabetes]

* [International Roma Day: Statement] (several languages)

* [Commission launches discussion on future framework for stronger and smarter information systems for border management and internal security] (several languages)

* [Stronger and Smarter Borders in the EU] (several languages)

* [EU strengthens response to hybrid threats] (several languages)

* [FAQ: Joint Framework on countering hybrid threats]

* [Smart Borders Package: Questions & Answers]

* [High-Level Conference “Europe as an Investment Destination”]

* [Closing remarks by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the EPSC High-Level Conference “Europe as an Investment Destination”]

* [“Nord Stream II – Energy Union at the crossroads”]

* [New report highlights wide-ranging impact of EU drug markets on society] (several languages)

* [European Commission invests over €7.5 million for sustainable growth and jobs in the marine and maritime sectors] (de en fr)

* [EU to support over 2,300,000 children in 42 countries with education in emergency situations] (several languages)

* [EU to announce €100 million development package for Sudan to address root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement] (de en fr)

* [Q&A – EU supports educational projects for children in situations of emergency]

* [Helping European industry to turn digital]

* [Focusing on the investments related to post-Fukushima safety upgrades and to the safe operation of existing facilities.]

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