EU Foreign Affairs Council…

Exchange of views with the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, discussing foreign policy challenges in the region.



Monday 14 December in Brussels

The Council will take stock of recent developments in Iraq and discuss how the EU can support the country’s domestic reform agenda and the building of national reconciliation.

It will adopt conclusions.

The Council is expected to reiterate the EU’s firm support for Iraq’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity. The EU supports the democratically-elected Iraqi government, led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and welcomes its reform efforts.

The Council will discuss the fight against Da’esh and take stock of progress accomplished in Iraq in 2015. It is expected to condemn in the strongest terms continued gross, systematic and widespread human rights abuses and violations, as well as the destruction of cultural heritage carried out by Da´esh.

The EU has been closely engaged in Iraq’s recovery and reconstruction, contributing over €1bn, including humanitarian aid, since 2003. The EU’s development aid has supported democracy, good governance, human rights, economic growth and poverty reduction by strengthening capacity and institutions in the areas of criminal justice, basic services, elections and civil society organisations.

For 2014-2020, the EU has earmarked €75 million for strengthening human rights and the rule of law, improving primary and secondary education, and providing access to sustainable energy for all.”

In May 2012 the EU and Iraq signed a partnership and cooperation agreement. The agreement marks the first ever contractual relation between the EU and Iraq. It provides a framework for advancing dialogue and cooperation, including for political and social issues, human rights, the rule of law, migration, the environment, trade, culture, energy, transport and security.

§ EU relations with Iraq [detail]

§ Council conclusions on the EU regional strategy for Syria and Iraq as well as the ISIL/Da’esh threat, 16/03/2015 [detail]


The Council will discuss the external dimension of the EU’s counter-terrorism work.
Conclusions adopted by the Council on 9 February 2015, together with a statement by heads of state and government on 12 February 2015, set the direction of the EU’s counter-terrorism policy in the external field.

The High Representative will update ministers on progress achieved to date and forward-looking measures. The Council will assess cooperation with countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and the Western Balkans and discuss thematic priorities such as work against foreign terrorist fighters, improving border security and aviation security, curtailing terrorist financing and countering radicalisation and violent extremism.

In February 2015, the Council decided to step up external action to counter terrorism, in particular in the Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, the Gulf and the Sahel. The Council agreed to strengthen cooperation with key partners, launch new projects to support capacity building and to intensify action to counter radicalisation and violent extremism. Heads of states and government, also in February, called for more engagement with third countries on security issues, and addressing crises and conflicts, in particular in the EU’s southern neighbourhood.

§ Council conclusions on counter-terrorism, 9 February 2015 [detail]

§ Statement by the members of the European Council on the fight against terrorism, 12 February 2015 [detail]

More on agenda:

§ Background [detail]

§ Libya [detail]

§ EU-Morocco Association Council [detail]

§ Eastern partnership [detail]

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