EU stands ready to support Ahmet Davutoglu!

Brussels waiting strong and visible signal from Turkey’s New Government,


Turkey on the Agenda of EU Leaders’ Summit!


From President Donald Tusk to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu

Let me convey my sincere congratulations on the election victory in Turkey. Although these elections took place in a difficult security environment, and against the background of an increasingly restrictive media situation, I welcome the fact that voters were given a real choice of competitive and credible political alternatives. The high voter turnout is testament to the active participation of the Turkish population in the country’s democratic life.

On the basis of the renewed trust invested in you and a new government, I trust that every effort will now be made to build confidence in the society, strengthen the rule of law and fundamental freedoms and engage constructively with the political opposition. I also hope that the Kurdish peace process will be resumed as soon as possible, building on the good progress made up until last summer.

Finally, I am looking forward to meeting you again soon to continue our important discussions on how to advance our cooperation with regard to the current, urgent refugee and migration crises, as well as the further development of our strong and broad bilateral relations, including the important accession process.

The EU stands ready to support you in this process and I hope to receive a strong and visible signal from your side that Turkey is ready to engage with the EU on these issues in a constructive and forward-looking spirit.

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