The reality of forced labor…

The workers do not understand or have access to their rights.


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Our goal is to illuminate the fact that it is neither fair, nor equitable, nor effective, to keep looking for the cheapest possible options in the workplace, while refusing to see the consequences. That the health and lives of these workers are put at risk to make a product cheaper. That many of them are forced to take out an incredibly high loan, just to buy their right to work. That passports are taken away from migrant workers to keep them dependent on their employers. That children are made to work in the field growing cocoa without even knowing what chocolate is, never mind having ever been able to taste it. Read full article.


Victims of forced labor : 21 million men, women and children

Today, it is no longer the traditional form of forced labor that came from a government or a state-like organization such as in the early twentieth century. Modern practices of this phenomenon have taken on a more scattered aspect and affect vulnerable populations, mostly women and children, who often have no personal identity documents. An isolated person, whatever is the reason why she is in such situation, is always one of the most vulnerable one. We have to improve our legal tools for responding to this challenge, for protect them and to access mechanisms of justice when their rights are violated.

To better fight these new forms of forced labor, the international community developed its tools with a protocol adopted in Geneva last June, by requiring States to take measures to prevent forced labor [Art 2] and ensure access to redress mechanisms and compensation for victims . [Art 4]

What could be a more universal language than drawings to illustrate these awful situations in all their diversity, and emphasize the urgent need for action in favor of victims? Full speech.

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