The Unsettling Soul !

If we would like to have better lives; we have to do “The change!” in us first.

©İsa Alemdağ

There are times we feel trapped in our body. Something in us wants to break free, reach out and find a comfortable place to rest in. No matter what we do, which advice of teaching we follow we cannot quite it. It is usually felt in our heart area. It wants to rip our chest cage and flow in any direction freely to find that peaceful place. When our world stresses us, all the ways goes to one way and that lands us in our soul, our true essence. The unsettled soul then have this urge to break free so that we can reach the ultimate state of peace and calmness.

The makeup of human being is so simple, yet the most complicated.  We are the most advanced creation in our tree dimensional world. There is huge information about what makes us human being from scientific research to spiritual teaching. Since I accept that human beings are unique I will not dwell on these but will take the part which I think is important.

Our makeup includes self-awareness, speech and symbolic cognition, conscience, capacity to imagine, emotions and feelings.

Our challenges force us to learn and grow and fulfil our life purpose.  But most of us don’t even know what our life purpose is. We think we have the control of what happens to us, how we can lead a life and do whatever we like. When we have a setback, cannot overcome a challenge no matter what we do then we start to question a higher source. When we do, the whole scenario changes.

We are just players within the boundaries drawn by a higher consciousness / universal mind / cosmic mind or God whatever you believe in. We have certain volition to choose and do. What separates us from the rest of the creation in our living dimensions is our ability to be superior to all others. Because we were created that way.

We have the ability, when cultivated, to rule and manipulate the rest. In order to do this, we need to move up in our purpose of creation. In other words find our true essence and move upwards to being perfect human.  We are responsible from our ability use this given gift.

We are spiritual beings wrapped in a material clothing (our body) during our short time in this world as we know it. Whatever we need, we already have it in us. Nothing is outside of us. When the environment is right, it emerges. In quantum physics the smallest particle or Quantum has all the attributes of the whole (universe). What is more interesting is that this knowledge was given us in Quran. 1400 years ago Hz. Muhammad gave us this knowledge which sheds light on the fundamental holographic logic of modern quantum physics.

We are responsible for whatever happens to us. Our inner world reflects our outer world. And all that it starts with our thoughts and intentions.

The moment we decide, set our intention free, our whole world shifts to a new level. All the close doors start to open one by one. We attract like a magnet what we need (good or bad depending on our thoughts and intentions) into our lives to move forward. The Law of Attraction starts to do its work.

The actual happening is the mental shift that we make. With it, we actually allow the emerging of our desires.

In most teachings, to calm down to achieve mind, body and spirit alignment, they suggest meditate and control feelings and emotions. But if the feelings and emotions are taken out or felt and let go why they exist in the first place?

They must have a reason to be there in the first place. At the beginning, we considered feelings and emotions as part of our makeup. When these feelings and emotions are not serving what we consider is good, should we take them out? If we do, then will our human makeup be full?

I do think that we should not take anything out. They are there for a purpose and we should let them to do their work to serve us. When the human being makeup is changed, don’t we try to turn into another less intelligent form?

In his book of “Metaphysics in the universe and Guenon’s eastern metaphysics”, Prof. Dr. Sadik Kilic , a religious studies lecturer, describes the creation in the best way so far I have seen. Our holographic universe is created layer by layer and every upper layer has dominance of lower layers. These layers are Lifeless, Plantations, Animal (Fauna) and Human.

We are literally given the ability to shape and create our world. If the nature is changing in bad ways, it is us who is doing it. Changes in the spirituality and thoughts effect our objective reality. This is a statement hard to swallow. In other words, we shape our world and environment with our thoughts.

If we would like to have better lives, environment etc. we have to do “the change” in us first. Easier said than done. We look elsewhere for miracles in reality every bit of us is a miracle, juts need to see it.

Our feelings and emotions are important part of us. They fluctuate from happiness to sadness, anger to calmness and to void. If the life we live in is an illusion, then we also fluctuate from one illusion to the other but never find the true existence.

9th March 2012

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