To Capture PKK members alive and draw them back into society…

Political determination most important in anti-terrorism fight

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« Of course the fighter planes we are using now are the same fighter planes we have used in the past, but the issue is that political determination is more important than military determination in the fight against terrorism. … Now the government is powerful economically and diplomatically, and this is backed by military power to fight the problem of terrorism. That’s why it’s different this time »


« The important thing in these operations is to render the terrorists ineffective. The air raids give PKK members a chance to surrender and that is what has happened in the past. They are children of this country, too. It is valuable to Turkey to capture them alive; it would a loss for Turkey if they are captured dead. The most desirable situation would be to find them alive and draw them back into society. But a land operation would be unavoidable after the air raids. The important thing is that to time that land attack when it is least expected. The PKK has begun to engage in activities other than terrorism in Turkey. »

« There is no concrete evidence showing that supporters of peace within the PKK have separated themselves from supporters of violence, as yet. On the contrary, the PKK has been terrorizing Turkish society with its attacks on civilians and by kidnapping people. This seems to be a tactic to force the government to sit down around the negotiating table with them. The PKK doesn’t want to lose its influence in the southeast, and tries to emphasize a distinction between Turks and Kurds; it aims to create hostility between Turks and Kurds. The government tried to give peace a chance, but the PKK has not used this opportunity well. As democratic initiatives have begun to benefit Turkish society, the PKK has demonstrated that they are not really content with this trend. »

v ‘PKK terrorism should not have increased with Turkey’s democratic initiatives’

v ‘Turkey should capture PKK members alive and draw them back into society’

v PKK is not independent of foreign elements and that a full understanding of the PKK is not easy without examining its ties to Syria and Iran.


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Mete Yarar

Mete Yarar graduated from the Turkish Military Academy in 1988. Shortly after graduation, he went to serve with operational squads in the southeast, where the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) had begun its terrorist assaults with the infamous Eruh and Şemdinli attacks in 1984, pulling Turkey into a long battle with the terrorist organization. In 2004, Yarar voluntarily resigned from the military as a major, after serving in northern Iraq. He then began to work in foreign trade. Since 2008, he has also been working with Ekopolitik, a Web-based publication produced by the ADAM Social Sciences Research Center, which aims to develop new policy options for policy-makers and improve public understanding of international and domestic politics.



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