Ataturk’s Turkey and the country’s present & future leaders’ profound responsibilities…

The importance of Turkey to the Arab world

Turkey is also a key player in the water and energy security of some important regional players and beyond. It is the major source of the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates and what is does with its water flowing toward Iraq and Syria can have huge effects downstream. Turkey is becoming a hugely important connecting stream via pipelines for energy from Central Asia, Russia and more to the Europeans. Pipeline systems that are planned could make it one of the most important energy connectors in the world. The Bosporus is also an important energy linkage, and possible choke point or global importance.

Turkey is also a transshipment point for vast amounts of cargo and other trade. It could also prove to be a major investment and finance connector globally if the financial infrastructure and institutions in the country are more fully developed.

The EU could be a bit more welcoming to this growing power on its doorstep. When people discuss emerging powers they mostly focus on China and India. Turkey should be on their radar screens in a very big way.

Turkey is important for economic, energy, water, diplomatic, military, political, inter-religious, intra-regional and inter-regional relations. It is a global player. We should all be keeping a keen eye toward Turkey in the future. My guess is that it will become an even more important global player.

Ataturk brought Turkey back from the abyss and saved the country in many ways. Turkey’s present and future leaders have the profound responsibility to carry that responsibility further. I have a lot of hope that they can succeed at that, even with the significant internal and external challenges they will likely face. It is a great country with great promise.

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