Sweet Treats in Istanbul…

Food Journeys of a Lifetime :
500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe

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A new book has been added to the long list of excellent books published by National Geographic over the years. The latest one prepared by the book division is:
Food Journeys of a Lifetime – 500 Extraordinary Places to Eat Around the Globe.The oversize book has 320 pages and begins with a section on The Taste of Travel and covers the following subjects in 9 chapters with an index and an Acknowledgement section.

1. Specialties & Ingredients
2. Outstanding Markets – fig harvest from Turkey
3. Seasonal delights – includes old fashioned candy stores in Turkey and balik pazaril
4. In the Kitchen – nothing about Turkey
5. Favorite Street Foods – nothing about Turkey
6. Great Food Towns – historic restaurants include Asitane in Isatnbul
7. Ultimate Luxuries – nothing about Turkey
8. The Best Wine, Beer & More
9. Just Deserts- sweet shops, shops and cafes in Istanbul’s Kadıkoy district

Turkey and Istanbuare included in several sections, beginning with Fig Harvest” on page 23. The full page article begins with: Southwest Turkey has the perfect climate and souil for growing a fruit that localpeople regard as sacred.

Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir store is included ion the list of Old-fashioned Candy Stores on page 56. On page 59, Istanbul’s Balik Pazari is featured which states that Istanbul’s covered fish market has a reputation for selling the best fish and shellfish available in Turkey.

The Top Ten Historic Restaurants includes Asitane in Istanbul.

A full page photograph of Kilic Ali Mosque with Topkapi Palace in the backround (mistakenly referred to as the Ortakoy Mosque,) is given on Page 296 with another full page article on Page 297, Sweet Treats in Istanbul, describing the tea houses, sweet shops and cafe’s in istanbul’s Kadikoy district.

However, there is no mention of the Gaziantep cuisine available not only in Gaziantep but in all major cities of Turkey. It is a major work with many photographs but omissions about the 3rd best known and loved cuisine in the world. Let us hope that the next edition of the book will include coverage of excellent dishes found only in Turkey.

Gaziantep,10 March 2011

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