The Forgotten Turks : Open Letter to Harvey Sicherman, President of FPRI…


Bircan Hanım,


Your open letter to The High Officilas of Turkey is excellent, which I re-read today. I made a distribution of the letter to those who I believe would provide support.


I would also suggest that the campaign be addressed to NGOs in the USA, such as Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) in Philadelphia which has been ignoring Turkey ever since its founding 50 years ago by a former US Ambassador to Turkey.






Open Letter to Harvey Sicherman, President of FPRI


Dear Mr. Sicherman,


I read your article, “President Obama’s Foreign Policy at Ten Months: The Limits of Consensus” ( Nov 11, 1009 FPRI E-Notes) with interest but also with surprise. I did not understand why there is no reference to Turkish – American relations and President Obama’s first overseas trip to Turkey in April 2009. As a steady reader of EPRI Newsletters and E-Mails, I have not seen anything written or presented on Turkey , a country which is centre to Obama’s foreign policy, as he sated during his speech at the Turkish Grand National Assembly in April, 2009.


Recently, Prof. Heath Lowry discovered the notes of the famous American reporter Clarence Streit, who visited Turkey in 1921 during the war of Independnce (1919 – 1923) and interviewed Mustafa Kemal Pasa. He was very impressed with the leader of the newly established Turkish Grand National Assembly (April 23, 1920) and was leading the war against the invading Greek army and their supporters, and upon his return to the States, wrote a book, “The Forgotten Turks.” He could not find a publisher for his book. However, since then, hundreds of books have been written on the Middle East with only one sided and falsified information about Turkey or the Turks. Then there are many individuals, think tanks and others who simplky ignore the role of Turkey in the foreign policy of the United States .


I would recommend that FPRI extend an invitation to Prof. Heath Lowry to speak about Turkey and the Turkish – American relations to enlighten the distinguished members of the FPRI. Better yet, the new dynamic Foreign Miniister of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu, could be invited.



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